Games that defined…The GameBoy

Next up we take a look at Nintendo’s Handheld – The GameBoy. Unlike other competitor handhelds, Nintendo managed to carve new games that cannot be played on a big TV. Its closest rival was the Game Gear by SEGA but that was ultimately a portable Master System. The GameBoy name would only be succeeded by one console – the Nintendo DS some 15 years after it launched. But let’s take a look at what it managed to produce.

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Games that defined…The Master System

In the next of our series of features, VGamingNews takes a look at the games that defined the Sega Master System. The first main stream console to rival Nintendo’s NES. With the release of the console began what journalists at the time dubbed the 8-bit war.

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Games that defined… The NES

There are a lot of video games in the world each of the main current generations of consoles can boast between 700-1200 games. These are mostly made up of sequels, remakes and multiplatform titles. In this series of features VGamingNews takes a look at the games that defined the consoles that they first featured on. The first system on our list is the great granddaddy of consoles: The NES.

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E3 2012: Nintendo Keynote Round Up

Nintendo have everything to do this year after their poor showing last E3. Announcing the WiiU, there was confusion with it being a handheld console or a home console with a tablet controller or at one point – an addon for the Wii. After a hasty release last year, Nintendo went back to the drawing board and thought about their console long and hard. Keeping their cards close to their chest. This year, they have to prove to gamers and shareholders that WiiU is the future.

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E3 2012: Sony Keynote Round Up

Sony, like Microsoft is feeling the pressure as the PlayStation3 is entering its twilight years and members of the gaming community are itching for the latest tidbits of information regarding the next generation console. Microsoft said No,no,no and there was no new Xbox. Sony however never denied the existence of the PS4. In their shareholder conference, they said money was going in to the research and development of the next console. Could they provide an upset and surprise the gaming world?

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E3 2012: Microsoft Keynote Round Up

Microsoft were the first company to hold an official conference outing at E3 this year, and have a big year lined up. Halo 4 is the big one as well as new Fable and Gears of War games are just the tip of what to expect from the Xbox 360 this year. After watching the conference, the highlights and a few lows are condensed just for you!

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E3 2012 Hub

Welcome one, welcome all to the VGamingNews E3 2012 hub. This is our second year of reporting on the biggest and best expo in the world of video games. There is a lot to be excited for and over the coming days, we will be updating this page with all of the news happening in Los Angeles right now. This is the only place to be when it comes to E3. Sit back, relax, and let us do all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

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3 letters, love them or loathe them: D.L.C

As the push into digital gaming continues at an alarming pace there is a worrying trend appearing in the world today. Downloadable Content or DLC as it has become are three terrifying letters that could either spell the end of the traditional game experience forever or just make us bankrupt. Read On »


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10 Terrible Gamecube Games

Yesterday, we brought you the most fondest memories from the Gamecube that everyone could reminisce and enjoy. Today we look at the underside of the Cube’s history. The pure hatred from these games can still be felt even 10 years after. Wounds may heal but the scar of a bad game will stay with you forever! Just like Superman 64. Anyway, here is our bottom ten of Gamecube games no one should ever play. EVER.

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10 Gamecube Greats

The Gamecube turned ten this week and ten is a long old time in the world of gaming. Very long. In fact, looking back through at some of the screenshots of games from this powerhouse machine makes you realise how far we’ve come and in such a short space of time. Yet, whilst old, the Gamecube is certainly not without merit. Some of the best games ever have been made on the Gamecube and we’ve decided to list a few of our favourites here.

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