3D Specs At The Ready For House Of The Dead

30 September, 2011 - 12:44 am by

After recently turning over a ban preventing the release of the title, SEGA have released 3D pictures to promote the use of 3D in The House Of The Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut. The outrageous on-the-rails zombie blaster is an extended, high definition version of the popular Wii title – coming to PlayStation 3. Not only will the game have improved graphics, the game makes use of the PlayStation Move and gives 1:1 precision aiming.

As you can see, the screenshots aren’t the same as the cinema style 3D we now get, but rather a throw back to the 1960’s when Red and Cyan 3D was all the rage. Along with the pictures, SEGA have also released a new trailer for the game.

For those who have never played any of The House Of The Dead games – SEGA never take the game seriously. It always has a style of the 80s B-movie. The type of film that is low budget with hammy acting. This trailer shows that off perfectly, even at the end with the lines “our girls will eat you alive.” Expect over the top action, with elements of horror and comedy.

The game will make use of the Move Sharp Shooter attachment. Loading the controller into the holder, the game brings a new depth of gameplay, previously reserved for arcade machines. The sharp shooter also makes reacting quicker than just holding the Move wand. Holding the gun to the shoulder, it is easy to aim and shoot.

The House Of The Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut will be available on the PlayStation 3 just in time for halloween on the 28th October.