An Apple Console… just rumours?

16 April, 2012 - 5:52 pm by

Before this article continues, this is just a rumour but an intriguing one at that… It has been speculated that a Kinect-like Apple console is in the works.

However, talks about a future acquisition have been rubbished.

It has, however, been speculated that Apple are working on a games console…only a matter of time, eh?

iTV is also being developed upon in line with the games console. Apple Brand HD TVs are also expected to be integrated into the company’s digital service. These will be available with Siri voice commands.

It has been rumoured that the HD TV will come with “an Apple-branded, Kinect-like video game console” that will integrate motion and touch control. So, pretty much like the Xbox Kinect?

Valve, this morning, have denied any affiliation with an Apple console although it was revealed that Apple boss Tom Cook has visited the offices of Steam owners Valve.