Beat Hazard Ultra Given PSN Release Date

19 September, 2011 - 6:42 pm by

It’s today been announced that the much loved videogame, Beat Hazard is going to be released on the PlayStation 3 thanks to the PlayStation Network very shortly. What makes Beat Hazard Ultra different to many games is the fact that it’s an insane arcade shooter driven by your personal taste in music.

Your music collection powers the game itself, as each song has it’s own unique ebb and flow and this style of music will change the way that level works. Power your spaceship and watch the music boost your firepower, change the way you fly your ship and literally blend music and gaming into a single entity.

To get you started, the game has an hour and a half of indie music pre-loaded into your system and the game has level up, 23 perks, 3 tactical weapons and 2 player online and local play so you can share your musical tastes overseas as well.

So if you’re into crazy trance J-Pop or thrash metal, you’re going to be in for a brilliant time!

Beat Hazard Ultra is out on the PlayStation Network on the 19th October for £6.50.