Spark Unlimited to develop Lost Planet 3

10 April, 2012 - 9:48 pm by

Capcom have stood by their choice to give developers, Spark Unlimited, the developing reigns for Lost Planet 3. Despite their disastrous titles including, Turning Point and Legendary: The Box.

In recent months, Spark Unlimited have been recruiting for two new projects, one is a ‘franchise and genre expanding game’, the other a ‘bold new take on the action/horror genre’. There have been rumours that Resident Evil 6 could be one of them.

With the announcement of Lost Planet 3 today, it has also emerged that this title is one of the two projects. It will continue the series that began in 2006.

Developers, Spark Unlimited, have also worked on Call of Duty’s Finest Hour, the best of their work so far. However, it also released Legendary and Turning Point, giving their current metacritic average a¬†disappointing¬†52, as both were panned on release.

“For people who wonder why we made that choice, it’s certainly important to look at a track record and what people have done in the past, but that can’t tell you the whole story,” Capcom’s producer Andrew Szymanski has said.

“Particularly when it comes to a collaborative effort – what we found is they’ve got the technical ability and the passion and the drive. I don’t think Spark alone or Capcom alone could have created this – it had to be a collaborative effort.”

In the past, Capcom has passed on its main franchises to the West with very diverse results. Grin, swedish developers, took on Bionic Commando and it failed, in comparison Slant Six developed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which came out to a fairly better response. More famed is Dead Rising 2, developed by Canadian’s Blue Castle.