CAPCOM release more information for Ultimate Marvel Vs CAPCOM 3 Vita

3 February, 2012 - 4:24 pm by

Today, CAPCOM have released a bevy of lovely screenshots and a new video for the comic-game hybrid, Ultimate Marvel Vs CAPCOM 3. These latest teaser images come straight from the PlayStation Vita version of the game and feature some very nice combatants such as Chun-Li and Tony Stark himself as Iron Man. While already available for the home consoles the game will be a launch title for Sony’s second handheld.

The trailer shows the frantic battle between the CAPCOM and Marvel sides with characters such as Frank West (Dead rising) and She Hulk taking to the fray. The smoothness of battles and the speed that is pulled off can almost be confused with the home console versions but as the dodgy PSVita border assures us, it is from the handheld version.

Ultimate Marvel Vs CAPCOM 3 for the PlayStation Vita features a healthy mix of characters from both company’s massive rosta and it is nice to see with the take-over from Disney, we aren’t seeing Mickey Mouse duffing up Chris Redfield. Yet.

Ultimate Marvel Vs CAPCOM 3 will be available on the PlayStation Vita from launch – 22nd February.

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