Count Down to the Next-Box?

8 January, 2013 - 2:37 pm by

Hitman Xbox Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has posted on his blog a mysterious countdown clock, counting down the days to the start of E3 in June, giving the strongist indication that the next Xbox is indeed going to be unveiled at the Los Angeles trade show in the summer. Coupled with the post “And it’s On…” Would further suggest this is a slight at Sony, who have remained tight lipped on their next generation console.

Of course this is pure speculation at this time but considering the Xbox 360 is 8 years old this year and Nintendo launching the Wii U back in November, it would seem like the time is right to introduce the world to the next console from the American Giant.

It could be another red herring – many speculated the console to be announced at last year’s E3 but all that was said on how they would be supporting the Xbox 360 and Kinect. What ever the announcement is, one thing is for sure – Microsoft want gamers watching their E3 press conference and their build up starts 153 days before the show itself.

What do you think Microsoft have in store for us?

Source: Major Nelson’s Blog