Cursed Crusade Information

18 August, 2011 - 12:02 am by

Cursed Crusade is an action-adventure game which is set against the backdrop of the majestic Old World of Europe. Centred around a pair of cursed warriors fighting to save their souls from a new power as a result of a ritual performed by the order of the Templars.

As a consequence, a dark, terrifying new power was obtained. Terrible things started to happen, and many lives were lost; it was then decided that this new power would have to remain a secret. But no secret remains forever untold…  With the end of the 12thCentury imminent, the Pope launches a Fourth Crusade to conquer the holy city of Constantinople. The young Templar Denz de Bayle joins up so he can find his father, who never returned from the previous crusade. Denz will find the truth during a journey through the greatest cities of medieval Europe and the Orient.

Cursed Crusade will be released next year on PS3 and Xbox 360.