Dr Who and the Eternity Clock First Images

26 January, 2012 - 7:43 pm by

The Big British Castle or BBC as it is more commonly known have teamed up with Sony to bring The Doctor to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita this year. Dr Who and the Eternity Clock will see Matt Smith as The Doctor accompanied by River Song travel through time to save the Earth from familiar enemies from the TV series.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is such an exciting release for us” said Robert Nashak, EVP Digital Entertainment and Gaming, BBC Worldwide. “It’s one of our most ambitious projects to date, using state of the art motion sensor technology to create stunning graphics as well as specially created vocals. We’re delighted that we’re able to team up with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for this release, a company who are so well respected in the gaming universe.”

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is scheduled to be the first in a series of the games based on the stupidly popular sci-fi programme for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. No firm release date has been given but stay tuned to VGamingNews for more information.