Earthbound fanhacker makes the game more mental

21 May, 2012 - 9:04 pm by

The Mother series, or known as Earthbound in the West, is a series that has an almost fanatical following. But unlike many fanatical followers, the people behind the communities that make Earthbound online such a joy to be are talented, articulate and interesting people. Recently, one of the translators of the fan-translated Mother 3 has released a patch to make Earthbound on the SNES even more interesting.

Tomato, the fanhacker who also happens to be a professional translator in his day-to-day job, has attacked the original Earthbound, otherwise known as Mother 2 and made it even more insane and challenging. For those of you who’ve never played, it’s well worth getting a copy somehow and playing it. Remember it’s not available in the UK.

What Tomato has done has adjusted enemy attacks, so to put this into Pok√©mon terms, he’s let a Pidgy have psychic attack and allowed Magikarp to perform a fireblast.

Here’s a video showing it, voiced over by another Earthbound community person – PoeTrader.