End of Xbox Live – Developers Thinks the End if Nigh

3 October, 2011 - 10:34 pm by

2Indie developers are everywhere, they can be as small as a one man band working from his bedroom, to a small team of developers attempting to create the next smash hit. The indie scene really has made it’s mark in this console generation, with the WiiWare, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, AppStore and Android Marketplace; one of these renound developers are the people behind World of Goo. Today however, they don’t seem to be as happy with the Xbox Live as they used to be.

The devs over at World of Goo did an unscientific survey of 200 or so indie developers and the results aren’t looking good for what used to be the flagship in Indie development platforms. It would appear, according to their data, that people are deserting the XBL system in their hundreds and moving to more flexible systems that allow for greater freedom and less administrative work. The World of Goo team even go as far as saying:

Everyone I know who’s been handed Microsoft’s boilerplate distribution contract for XBLA was angered and offended. It’s the most exploitative, one-sided distribution contract I’ve seen.

Which is a bold statement to make about the platform that made you rich. However, this echoes sentiments that Daniel Truong, the developer of Pixel Blocked! stated in our interview recently. Microsoft are hard to work with.

Further, it shows that the PSN is a force to be reckoned with and iPhones, iPads and Android devices are getting bigger and better games from the indie scene by the day.

The full article can be read over at 2D Boy’s blog, here.