Etrian Odyssey IV details emerge

27 February, 2012 - 10:19 pm by

Etrian Odyssey II or III never made its way to the shores of good ol’ Blighty, unfortunately. Probably due to the fact that the first instalment of the series was picked up by Nintendo, who don’t like to take risks on games and there are few games riskier than the Etrian Odyssey series. Today the Japanese developers released a bit more information on the third part of the series and it’s already confirmed that US publisher Atlus USA will release this stateside. So you might be able to import a copy.

Etrian Odyssey, is a title that’s brutal to the normal gamer. It’s a semi-traditional rogue-type and will make you pay for your mistakes. In the first instalment of the series you select a party of heroes with different abilities and set out into the forest, taking one step at a time. Literally. After each step, your map becomes a little more complete and your skills as a cartographer become that bit better.

Then you’re attacked by an evil enemy and you’ve got to start again, completely. A vicious, evil game and the sequel continued in the same vain. So the fourth is likely to be just as fastidiously painful on mistakes. According to various sources, it looks like it will be. The fansite Into the Labyrinth have summed it up nicely:

  • The swordsman is coming back in some form.
  • Medic is back, and looks like a different style of cute.
  • Fortress looks like this game’s Protector, but wields hammers.
  • Rune Master sounds like we may be getting a real magic mage, rather than alchemy or astronomic math.
  • Nightseeker looks like an assassin of some kind.
  • Sniper is the archer, and seems to be this iteration’s black-haired ronin.
  • Dancer might be the new bard, with a similar look and name.
  • Monsters are now in 3D.
  • FOEs are not fuzzy balls anymore, and you can actually see them… charge at you and slash your jugular.
  • Ships from 3 got replaced with a hot-air balloon. Might be we need to get to the tree this time?
  • New ‘Casual’ difficulty for those not so good at these games. Normal is still there.
  • Old staff is all here.

Etrian Odyssey 4 will be released on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan this year and in the USA either in late 2012 or early 2013.

There’s no release date confirmed yet and it’s doubtful that a UK release will be organised, unless someone like Rising Star Games manages to get the license from Nintendo.

Source: Into the Labyrinth