Expendables now turned into a game

28 June, 2012 - 8:51 pm by

Not content with blowing everything up on screen, Sylvester Stallone and crew have made it onto a video game. Yes there will be a video game based upon the latest Expendables film. Created by Ubisoft, the game brings together 4 of the baddest members of the Expendables crew – Barney Ross (Stallone), Gunner Jensen (Lundgren), Hale Caesar (Crews) and Yin Yang (Li) to save a Billionaire from bad guys.

This will be a four player action game available on the PC, PlayStation Network and the Xbox Marketplace this summer with the focus heavily on the action. What story there maybe will link into the start of the second film. But as we all know, story for this type of film/game/tie in is not the selling point.

Look out for The Expendables 2 Game on respective consoles/PCs sometime in Summer.