Final Fantasy 13-2 Assassin’s Creed DLC available

11 April, 2012 - 2:05 pm by

Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC is now available to download, this will include Ezio Auditore’s costume from Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

The download is available on Xbox Marketplace and will be released this evening on the PlayStation Store.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Noel can dress as Italian stallion assassin Ezio for 240 Microsoft Points/£1.59, whilst Serah gets the new “Style and Steel” outfit designed by a member of J-Pop group AKB48, this will be free.

Two new Coliseum opponents will also face off against: Final Fantasy Gilgamesh (320 MS Points/£2.39) and PuPu (160 MS Points/£1.19), who lives in a spaceship.