First official images of Pokémon X & Y starters

14 January, 2013 - 8:43 pm by

xy_starter_types_en Last week Nintendo announced the latest generation of pocket monsters in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y for the Nintendo 3DS. We were introduced to the new starters: Chespin the Grass Type, Fennekin the Fire Type and Froakie the water type. There were also two legendary monsters showcased in the trailer, who have also been given titles and statistics. We have the first artwork for these new games, which will be launching worldwide October 2013.


For new comers to the series, Nintendo has produced a handy info-graphic showing who is weak again who. So we know as always that Grass-type is strong against Water-type, but weak against Fire. Fire-type is strong against Grass-type and weak against Water. While Water-type is strong against Fire-type Pokémon, but weak against Grass.


Xerneus is the Deer Pokémon and is over 9’10” tall. That’s 3 meters in new money. Sh/e weighs in at 215.0 Kg (474 lbs.) so isn’t exactly a lightweight either.


Flying legendary Pokémon, Yveltal is double the height at 19’00” (5.8m), but appears to be mostly feathers as s/he weighs a poultry 203.0 Kg (447.5 lbs.)

Pokémon X & Pokémon Y will launch simultaneously on the Nintendo 3DS in October 2013. See the full gallery below including character profiles, and what looks like the starting Pokémon special attacks.