God of War Ascension

7 June, 2012 - 1:13 pm by

Kratos has been shown at the Sony E3 Press Keynote speech and he appears to be more angry than ever. The game is set before the God Of War assumed his title. Work has been under taken to refine the series and improve action sequences as well as building a multiplayer.

A new tether system allowing players to sling enemies around as a wrecking ball, while maintaining a blade attack at the same time, in the air and the ground. The new world weapon system also allows Kratos to steal enemies’ weapons to use against them. As well as this, Kratos is able to change weapons mid combo – much like Capcom’s Devil May Cry series to carry on the attacks for longer.

A multiplayer is also included in God Of War Ascension which allows up to eight players to compete for the approval of the four main God’s – Zeus, Hades, Poseidon and Ares. If approval is given, players are able to access more weapons and skills to increase the power of their characters.

God of War Ascension has been given a release date of 12 March 2013.