Halo 4 Trailer

4 June, 2012 - 10:10 pm by

Straight from the Microsoft conference, we have the Halo 4 gameplay footage showcasing not only the return of Master Chief but also what direction 343 studios are taking the franchise. We pick up with Chief tracking a new enemy through the forests of a unnamed planet in an effort to save the stranded UNSC Infinity.

With a seamless transition from cutscene into actual gameplay, we see our hero run through the jungle and take down enemies with ease until the big guys show up. We are also teased with the prospect of returning into the dune buggies!

As an all out war with ancient enemies ensues, it is up to Master Chief to step up once again and prove his worth. More information will undoubtably be realsed through out E3. Halo 4 will launch on 6th November exclusively for Xbox 360.