Improve Your Gaming with Your Laundry

26 September, 2011 - 7:35 pm by

No, it’s true. The original thinker and  design student Lee Wei Chen of Kingston University, has come up with the fantastic idea of turning the every day chore of washing dirty clothes by combining an arcade machine with a washing machine. No body ‘enjoys’ washing dirty clothing and waiting around for the machine to finish just so you don’t leave it in there to stink for days is an even bigger downer, but imagine controlling your washing machine with the power of gaming. The quality of the wash depends on how long you continue to play. Chen’s course leader, Colin Holden, says:

‘He’s chosen two instantly recognisable objects – a washing machine and an arcade game – to illustrate this idea. Together the two objects produce a striking new electronic device. It’s an extremely well-executed design concept.’

If this was something to take off across the world, you’d be able to smell a Rage Quitter from a mile off.

Source: Kotaku