Jet Set Radio is set for HD rerelease

23 February, 2012 - 11:13 pm by

SEGA’s fantastic Dreamcast hit Jet Set Radio will be grinding it’s way on to the Xbox Live Market and PlayStation Network (SORRY! Sony Entertainment Network) this year. SEGA have released a very small teaser trailer to get fans excited. They didn’t even name the game – you just know!

The game will see players returning to Shibuya-cho and grinding their way through the huge city to tag their street gang’s logo while listening to funky hip-hop/electro soundtracks. Yeah, we are all older but the lingo stays the same!

Jet Set Radio hasn’t got a firm release date apart from the helpful “2012.” But expect a full release date when the game is formally announced for the Xbox 360 Marketplace and the SEN/PSN soon.