JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Gets a release

16 July, 2012 - 8:26 pm by

Capcom announced at San Diego Comic-Con that they will be bringing a HD version of JoJo’s Bizarre adventure to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. The game is based on Japanese Manga of the same name and originally started as an arcade machine. It will feature the same fighting styles as Capcom’s other titles however unlike Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom et al, things are slightly different.

Stands are supernatural powers which can be executed at certain points throughout the bouts that are combined with fighters normal moves to do significant damage to opponents. This builds up on the basic button mashing formula and adds a layer of depth to the proceedings. With the game being based on Manga, the visuals will be bright and colourful all the way through the game.

The game can feature up to eight players in a winner stays on format to see who is the best out of player’s friends or even random people through out the world and much like Super Street Fighter IV’s video system you can save your best fights and share them on either network or marketplace.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD is due for release on the 19th August for the PlayStation Network and 21st for the Xbox Live Marketplace.