Kirby’s Dream Collection announced Statside, ourside… no news

22 June, 2012 - 1:34 pm by

Kirby, the little pink mischief maker, managed to pull out all of the stops and get a collection released in the USA, which was announced today, for the Nintendo Wii. Whilst many people might not know who Kirby is, or was, until Super Smash Bros came out on the N64 all those years ago, he’s firmly in the concious of those who like pink blobs that can turn into stones and absorb enemy powers. Yet, his presence in the UK is often painfully dead. As today’s announcement shows.

Yes, this new trailer looks very good but what’s not good is the lack of UK release date. It would be surprising if something didn’t hit our shores though as Kirby has often featured in Nintendo advertising in the UK in recent years.