Kyotokei Dated for Europe

6 September, 2011 - 6:52 pm by

It was today announced that a new title will be made available on the Nintendo WiiWare in Europe on the 15th September, from the software/publisher Microforum. Kyotokei will be downloadable for only a few pounds, and will feature Wii Remote, Classic Controller and GameCube Controller support.

Little is currently know about the game in the UK, although it’s been out in the US for nearly a month. As far as we know, the evil with Rika has invaded the peaceful realm of Estaria with an army of monsters and it’s down to Kyo and Kei to stop her, which is you. It’s features detailed pixel-art, 2 player co-op modes, 5 different levels and “5 huge multi-phase bosses”. Alongside the classic controller support – that is until the new Wii comes out later in the year and stops that…