Leaked Elder Scrolls Online Details

4 May, 2012 - 3:45 pm by

The Elder Scrolls Online has been leaked all over the internet via the Game Informer June issue. It looks like it will play differently to the single-player Elder Scrolls game.

The graphics will be in the style of a cartoon and smaller than usual as the MMO has been built to be lag-conscious and balance-conscious. Real time combat is presented as are different levels, classes and third-person viewpoints.

Zenimax Online, the developers behind the game, have collaborated with Bethesda Game Studios, the maker of single-player Elder Scrolls, “extensively” on lore and geography.

Matt Firor has claimed it will involve ‘realm versus realm versus realm’ open world player versus player combat. ‘Gamers join one of three factions, each with three playable races. There’s the north eastern Ebonheart Pact (nords, dark elves, argonians); the southerly Aldmeri Dominion (high elves, wood elves, khajiit); and the north westerly Daggerfall Covenant (bretons, redguards, orcs).’

‘They’ll clash in Tamriel’s central province of Cyrodiil, a PVP middle-ground, where keeps and forts and mines and farms will fought over by as many as 100vs100 (vs100?) people – siege weaponry included. The ultimate goal is taking the Imperial City and crowning your faction’s emperor – an automated process determined by the person who tops a sort of contribution leaderboard. Being emperor bestows little more than bragging rights, apparently. That faction will then attempt to hold the Imperial City,’ he claimed.

Tamriel will be mostly open to explorers as will Skyrim, Morrowing, Summerset Isle and Elsewyr. Skyrim will not be as detailed as the single player title, DLC could bean option here.

Dungeons can be explored by groups and Stamina will govern combat including blocking, sprinting, breaking free and incapacitating. Classes and Weapons will also be available depending on your success. Groups can be up to five players, and classes can combine abilities.

The Fighters, Mages, Thieves and Dark Brotherhood guilds are all available to join as in Skyrim. They’re reputation-based factions that offer abilities and rewards for hard work. Fetch and Kill quests will also feature amongst questing, whereby each player can differ.

Crafting, Stealth and Fast Travel will feature but it hasn’t been detailed whereas Dragons, pets and marriages won’t appear yet.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be fully voice acted and is built on the HeroEngine.

Enough for you?

  • I can’t help but notice how creative the graphic designers were on developing the game. Nevertheless, Elder Scrolls will be a success by its release and there’s no doubt about that. Best of luck for this.