Miyamoto checks out Tour Guide 3DS at Louvre

12 April, 2012 - 9:29 am by

Nintendo has always sought to offer their consumers a sense of culture; there was Mario Paint and recently Art Academy. Or if you really want just draw crude pictures and send them to your friends…

Shigeru Miyamoto took a trip to the famous parisian art museum, the Louvre, to test out the new Nintendo innovation. The legend has created a Ninetendo-designed 3DS Tour Guide for the whole museum.

5000 3DS consoles have been bought up by the top tourist destination in the last year along with a bulk of audio guide equipment. Each console has been specifically designed to track the ‘user’s progress around the exhibits’ and ‘includes over 700 commentaries on the gallery’s work of art.’

The most popular works are highlighted by the console so they are not missed and options can be chosen to do a tour as a group or with a particular route.

The guides are available to use from today.