Mortal Kombat Vita live action trailer

12 April, 2012 - 10:19 pm by

Warner Brothers have released a live action trailer to show that you can, well take Mortal Kombat anywhere, because it’s on a handheld device. As well as this interesting fact, NeatherRealm studios the team behind the series, have also given us more reasons to buy the game

They have modified all of the costumes for the characters in the game. All 150(!) of them. Part of the rosta is accessible via downloadable content including Freddy Kruger from the Nightmare on Elm Street movie film series.

The game will make use of the touchscreen and accelerometer functions, however mainly in the mini games such as keepy-uppy: a game where you juggle skulls by touching explosives on the bottom of the screen. Vs games will also be available through WiFi.

Mortal Kombat Vita and it’s 18 rating will smash onto the PlayStation Vita 4th May.