New DmC trailer goes live, but shhh. It’s a Secret

21 December, 2011 - 11:03 pm by

CAPCOM are building the anticipation for the latest in the Devil May Cry series with this latest trailer. In game footage of DmC shows the generic bad guy Dante will be fighting through out the game but also shows off the graphics very nicely. Obviously with this footage still being in development, CAPCOM warn us it could change but even so, it wouldn’t change that much, surely?

From the trailer, we can establish that Dante is once again wielding his trusty sword and of course his loving guns – Ebony and Ivory. As in previous titles the maniquin demons are back and the way they are killed remains the same, knock them high into the air, beat them as they fall and smash them to the ground.

What is noticed is that the stylish rankings from previous games are missing, weather this is CAPCOM’s warning coming to light and they will be added later or they have been removed altogether still remains to be seen.

DmC will be released for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 consoles in 2012.