New Madden 13 images

26 July, 2012 - 10:13 pm by

With American Football getting more popular over in the UK each and every year, EA are continuously helping to raise the profile of the NFL with each release of Madden. Madden 13 improves on last year’s version in a number of ways. As well as up to date rosters, the AI has been tweaked to only react to a ball if they are looking at it and Kinect has been added for coaching, menu and play commands.

The passing game has also been improved in such away the Quarterback can throw in a more real world environment with actuarte trajectories and over 430 catch animations so receiving players can catch the ball in pretty much any way possible. Finally, due to fan enthusiasm, the act known as “Tebowing” (kneeling and praying when on the side line, made famous by the QB Tim Tebow) will be included.

The new images show what to expect each of the 32 teams 50 or so players look like and will be available on 31st August 2012 on every one of the current consoles. A Wii U launch of Madden 13 is due when the console launches, or shortly after.