New PlayStation 3 Super Silm?

5 July, 2012 - 7:48 pm by

Could Sony be announcing a new even slimmer PlayStation 3 at GamesCom this year? Well according to Eurogamer some documents with the backing of Federal Communications Commission seems to point to a new “4000 Series” of PlayStation 3. The documents appear to show different labeling positions as well as comparisons to the slim PS3.

Tantalizing us further – Sony have said they are planning something big for GamesCom next month. It is worth noting that since the PlayStation 3 launched 6 years ago, the costs of blu-ray technology have fallen significantly and as the console was quickly slimmed down, the possibility of an even smaller and cheaper console could be viable, especially since Sony have said they plan a 10 year lifecycle for the console.

Keep following us in the build up to Gamescom to find out the latest developments.