New ZombiU information

13 September, 2012 - 4:51 pm by

In Nintendo’s Direct conference, more details came out surrounding Ubisoft’s Zombie-em-up, ZombiU. Set in a London that has been ravaged with a Zombie outbreak gamers play a group of survivors on a mission to get out of the city and survive. Details of game modes have emerged, and it looks and sounds painful no matter which way you look at things.

There are numerous ways of playing ZombiU, but two modes were outlined, the first is the standard way of play. You select a character and play the game. You can level up and earn new skills to put to the test against the hoards of the undead. However, if you are killed in game, you stay dead. What happens is another surviver takes the character’s place and you continue onwards. However, you have to learn new skills.

The other mode is one character, one life. If you are killed in this mode, you are dead and have to start over. The game is brutally unforgiving and wants you to earn the right to finish the game. Game modes aside, ZombiU will also have a few features that are new to a Nintendo consoles. Leaderboards will be used for gamers to compare how good they are against people from all over the world, and you can even spray paint walls with hints and tips for other players to use. They don’t have to be accurate though.

ZombiU will also have it’s own bundle with the Wii U console. It will come with the Premium black console and GamePad and also include an addition Pro Controller. No news yet if it will include the funky GamePad case that was shown at E3. ZombiU will launch with the Wii U on 30th November.