Nike + Kinect video

30 July, 2012 - 8:02 pm by

Nike + Kinect Training was announced during Microsoft’s E3 conference but since then all has been quiet on the fitness front. That is until today when a new extended video of the E3 trailer has been released. Nike has partnered up with Microsoft to bring a new spin on the fitness game. This will solely use the Kinect sensor to provide a personalised training programme to suit each users specific needs.

This isn’t the first time Nike has teamed up with a high profile company to promote exercise – some may remember the Nike+ iPod widget that went into specifically designed trainers to provide a training experience whilst listening to music.

However with the Kinect sensor on the Xbox 360, the game is able to track your movements and quickly work out how much force is being exerted or how well you are performing on any of the selected work outs, unlike Wii Fit which exclusively relies on the Wii Board, the camera can actually help you maintain the correct postures for lunges or tell you to kick your knees up if they aren’t high enough.

Nike + Kinect will launch exclusively on the Xbox 360 on 30th October 2012.