Nintendo a no-show for Gamescom

12 April, 2012 - 9:09 pm by

E3 is the best known videogame expo in the world, with people from every corner of this little planet flocking into California and pushing up the hotel prices in Los Angeles to summer holiday rates! Yet, there’s a huge convention in Europe that ganders far less fan attention, yet tends to have more information. Gamescom.

UPDATE: Nintendo have confirmed their reasoning for the no show

This year however, Gamescom will be missing one of the big three hardware and software creators – Nintendo. Yes, Nintendo have now confirmed that they will not only not be showing off the Wii U at Gamescom, but they’re not even going to be showing up.

No reason as to why Nintendo are not showing up to this years Gamescom was provided; however, the official statement is:

“Whilst Gamescom is a fantastic show, we have taken the decision not to attend this year’s event,” said Nintendo in a statement.

“We are planning a number of sampling events throughout Germany in which our fans will have the opportunity to play upcoming Nintendo 3DS, Wii and Wii U titles.

“Further details will be announced soon.”

Are Nintendo’s poor profits last year to blame, the fact that no games will be announced so they have to save for E3 or another reason to blame? It’s not the first time Nintendo has stopped going to shows, in 2001 they stopped their annual SpaceWorld convention in Japan completely.

Yet last year, they started an entirely new event, Nintendo World.

Source: Nintendo-Universe

UPDATE: Nintendo Germany have further updated us with information for the no-show at Gamescom this year.

“Although Gamescom is one of the most important fairs of the year for us, we’ve decided not to take part this year,” said Nintendo Germany spokesperson Silja Gulicher.

“Instead we plan to broaden our post-E3 activities to introduce our retail and media partners to the Wii U and the newest titles for the Nintendo 3DS. On top of that, as part of the pan-European marketing, PR and event activities for later this year we are planning a whole array of events that will offer our fans the opportunity to try out our latest titles. We’ll have more information about that soon.”

So there it is, Nintendo will be hosting it’s own events to introduce the public to Wii U. It shows that Nintendo aren’t afraid to take their product out on the road and be the sole focus rather than competing for attention at Gamescom.