Nintendo announce the WiiU game pad

4 June, 2012 - 11:49 am by

In Nintendo’s pre E3 video conference which was designed to show off the WiiU console so they could concentrate on just the games has released the final specs of the WiiU tablet controller.

And wouldn’t you know it, it is the same as the imaged that was leaked a couple of weeks prior to the meeting. This new controller – called the WiiU Game pad is so named after its great,great,great grandfather – the NES Game pad, features two analogue sticks instead of circle pads that can also be used as buttons.

Other features include, using the controller as a TV remote when the console is off, realigned shoulder buttons, and a near-field communication button. Near field communication or NFC is the technology that allows items to be read when placed on the touchscreen such as AR cards or small objects. Think the Skylanders portal and that is what Nintendo are talking about.

It is includes the camera as seen last year that can be used for in or out of game video calling and the ability to browse the web. However Nintendo have added a “curtain” mode so what is being browsed on the tablet is not seen on the TV… To show off certain things with a fan fare. We at VGN are skeptical of this reasoning and think it could be more for adult purposes but we’ll leave it at that.

Moving on, the controller features recharageable batteries, so no more searching for double A’s and will come in either white or black flavours. Nintendo also confirmed the Wii Remote, nunchuck and balance board can be used with the WiiU.