Nintendo downloadable content this week

30 April, 2012 - 7:43 pm by

Whilst Nintendo are now openly supporting the downloadable content word, this week’s update of the Nintendo eShop is pretty slim. Slimmer than usual in fact. There’s only three games and one of those is on the Nintendo Wii.

Game & Watch Gallery 2 – Nintendo 3DS – eShop – £3.60
Five blasts from the past with a modern twist. Game & Watch Gallery 2 is a collection of five classic handheld games featuring Parachute, Helmet, Chef, Vermin and the original classic Donkey Kong.

Cat Frenzy – Nintendo 3DS/DSi – eShop and DSi Shop – £1.80/200 Nintendo DSi Points
Nothing makes a puzzle game better than cute and furry kittens. S lide and match different kinds of kittens to set them free from a well in over 100 levels full of puzzles and purrs.

Super Hang-On – Nintendo Wii – Wii Shop Channel – 900 Wii Points
Gear up for the ultimate test of speed in Super Hang-On! Tour through 48 challenging tracks set across four continents and enjoy the rush of true arcade gameplay as you blaze through checkpoints in a race to beat the clock and your competitors.