Nintendo Europe Direct Conference tomorrow

21 June, 2012 - 2:20 pm by

Nintendo have announced that their next European direct conference will take place on the Nintendo Europe website on Friday 22nd June. That is tomorrow. HOWEVER! You will have to set your alarm or stay up all night as the conference starts at 5am sharp. That’s not a typo – I did say 5 in the morning, which does exist I am told.

Little is known about what Nintendo will address but it is more than likely details on Luigi’s Mansion 2 – or Dark Moon as it was renamed at E3 or Paper Mario Sticker Star, which are both due sometime this year. We might get a sneaky peak at the Wii U but it is very unlikely. There could also be an announcement for the European tour Nintendo promised when they pulled out of GamesCom this year. Well who knows, but we’ll find out tomorrow morning.