Nintendo’s eShop and Virtual Console Update

6 February, 2012 - 6:54 pm by

Whilst Monday might be a painful day of the week to many, sometimes so painful that you just can’t roll out of bed, Nintendo are making us all happy this Monday. So for those of you who fell over in the snow today, or who’s cars wouldn’t start, or even broken windscreens, Nintendo’s update of the Virtual Console and eShop is ready.

Crush3D Demo – 3DS – eShop – FREE
CRUSH3D is a new puzzle-platform game for Nintendo 3DS which will have you thinking outside the box before you can say “splat”. Crush from three dimensions to two (and back) to solve puzzles in over 50 individual levels before you find your way to the exit door.

Kirby’s Block Ball – 3DS – eShop – £2.70
Quick reactions are vital to your success, as Kirby bounces off paddles on all four sides of the screen. Kirby is able to access a whole range of powers, including Burn, Spike or Stone. You’ll need all the help you can get for the final showdown with King Dedede.

Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party – 3DS or DSi – eShop or DSi Shop – £1.80 or 200 Nintendo DSi Points
In this strategic puzzler, you must switch two objects to make a horizontal or vertical set of three or more objects of the same colour. A whole range of awards are up for grabs if you can match more objects up and create combos. The game contains colourful graphics, a Crazy Cheebo character and lots of humorous videos. Why not also enjoy competing against your friends in the multiplayer games?

Gaia’s Moon – 3DS or DSi – eShop or DSi Shop – £1.80 or 200 Nintendo DSi Points
Something strange is causing changes to the balance of energy in Gaia that is necessary to prolong life. To discover the cause, you must play the role of Atreyu and his magical cane Milo, whose help you will need to be able to fly. However, you must be very careful, as the whole planet has gone out of control and existential chaos may ensue.

BurgerTime World Tour – Wii – Virtual Console WiiWare – 1000 Wii Points
Join our hero as he traverses the globe in search of hamburger heaven. Escape from angry veggies and build your BurgerTime World Tour today. 3D lends a whole new edge to this classic game, with the rotational axis allowing you to see through the cylinder, creating whole new elements for determining the fastest way to build a burger. And there’s much more, as you rack up bonus points by tossing baddies, enjoy four culinary capital worlds and compete on over 20 Burger-filled levels.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’97 – Wii – Virtual Console – Wii Shop – 900 Wii Points
Get ready for the fourth game in the King of Fighters series. Battle opponents with the greatest characters from Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors, Psycho Soldier, Art of Fighting and more. King of Fighters ’97 is the fourth game in the King of Fighters series, once again allowing players to combat opponents with popular characters from Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors, Psycho Soldier, Art of Fighting, and other titles. The character roster changes with every iteration and new characters in this 1997 title include Chizuru Kagura- a boss character from the previous title- as well as popular SNK characters Ryuji Yamazaki, Blue Mary and Billy Kane, and new characters Yashiro Nanakase and Shingo Yabuki. Players can also choose between Advanced and Extra play modes to greatly alter the gameplay.

In addition to this, there’s the first part of the two part series Kirby: “Right back at Ya!” and a trailer for Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace in 3D.