November’s Nintendo 3DS Update Lands

7 December, 2011 - 10:02 pm by

Nintendo’s punctuality in delivering what they say first time is about as likely as a member of the VGN team arriving on time for anything. In other words – not very. But as Nintendo have proved time and time again, this is something worth waiting for. The latest firmware update gives players an experience not seen before on a Nintendo console – let alone for it’s handhelds.

As promised, Nintendo have given users 3D video recording as well as a host of other camera features as well as improved QR reading for Mii and PokéDex 3D data. The StreetPass system has been improved with more puzzles to unlock and an extra dungeon in the Quest mode. Music tracks have also been added to the plaza as well as a world locator that tells gamers where the Mii’s who they have passed have come from.

More exciting than those comes the news that Demos and Downloadable content can now be downloaded from the e-Shop. Demos can be sent via SpotPass so all that is needed is the system to be connected to a WiFi spot to receive the latest demos. DLC will be made available as developers choose to release it.

Further to this, content is now able to be transferred to other Nintendo 3DS systems so if the console breaks or looses information, then gamers will be able to redownload their games at no extra cost.

Finally, Nintendo have introduced Accomplishments – their answer to achievements or trophies. This is only available in StreePass at the moment but one would expect them to roll out the system to future releases soon. With all these changes there is a slight change to background security. The update is free and users will be prompted as soon as they connect to the e-Shop.

  • Drew Sherratt

    Speak for yourself – like a wizard, I arrive exactly when I mean to.  (And on time.)