PlayStation 3 Super Slim Confirmed

19 September, 2012 - 8:19 pm by

On 25th September the UK will have a new, slimmer PS3 on the shelves. The 500GB console that we broke the news on in July has finally been confirmed by Sony. The console, which is approx 25% smaller than the Slim PS3 and half the size of the original toaster PlayStation 3 was announced in Tokyo this morning and will retail for around £299.99 from most retailers.

As well as a massive Hard Drive and the smaller size, there isn’t much difference between this new iteration of PlayStation. That being said, there is one major tweak – a sliding lid. This spring loaded lid replaces the rather futuristic disc loading system. There are still two USB ports on the front and no HDMI cable in the box. The console will not be able to have the hard drive extended (who really would need it with 500 Gigabytes to play with).

There is an alternative version that will retail around £184.99 which will be released around the 12th October. This version will have a paltry 12GB of space. This flash memory may seem small, however it puts it in direct competition with the 4GB Xbox 360. Sony have also given an option of a 250GB hard drive to be bought only for the 12GB console. If, however this is installed the previous storage will remain inaccessible.

There is still no PS2 compatibility but the PS3 will be able to play all PS1 and PS3 games as well as existing DVDs and Blu-Rays. The 500GB will be available on 25th September with the 12GB version will follow on the 12th October. Look out for the bundle deals from various online and high street retailers.