EA returns to GAME

16 April, 2012 - 7:54 pm by

Previous top UK game retailers, GAME and Gamestation have returned to the fore as they are now selling EA published games again. Mass Effect 3 and FIFA Street are now available in store and online.

Mass Effect is now selling for £25 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 online. In stores it is £30 whereas FIFA street is £35.

February brought about tough times for the retailers, as EA published games that were due for launch in March, such as Mass Effect 3, were not to be sold at the retailers following their financial issues. Soon it became more than just EA.

With the closing of 277 stores, loss of over 2000 staff and enduring a gut-wrenching administration period, GAME Group UK found its new owner in OpCapita, the parent company of Comet.

Also available at GAME is Tiger Woods 2013.

This week we see the release of The Witcher 2, following the release of Nintendo’s Wii exclusive RPG Pandora’s Tower.

New GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs released this statement;

“We said two weeks ago that our first priority was to help our customers by putting more new releases and products in our stores and on our websites,” he said. “Since then we’ve been very busy, and there is a lot happening this week at GAME and gamestation.

“Today we’ve launched a fantastic deal on Mass Effect 3, £29.99 in stores and £24.99 online, and The Witcher 2, with an exclusive t-shirt, is launched tomorrow. Pandora’s Tower Limited Edition, which was released on our website last week, will arrive in our stores this week. There will also be numerous new hardware and software deals.”