No Wii U Plans for Resident Evil 6

10 April, 2012 - 9:41 pm by

Capcom have released many gems of information in the Captivate Conference, held in Rome, including the previously noted change to the release date. The game will now appear on October 2nd, sooner than expected. Multiplayer details and new gameplay footage has also been released via a trailer.

In more news, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Hiroyuki Kobayashi, as well as director Eiichiro Sasaki have revealed more about Resident Evil 6’s potential positioning on the Wii U, set to launch this winter.

“Unfortunately, RE6 will not be available at this time on the Wii U,” Kobayashi claimed. “Right now we’re concentrating on the PlayStation 3 version, 360 version and the PC version of the game.”

This is not to say that it will not appear in the future, note Kobayashi claims ‘at this time’, this leaves the title open for a future release on the Wii U or possibly an announcement when the Wii U is showcased, hopefully at E3 this year.