WipEout 2048 free with 3G PlayStation Vita

8 February, 2012 - 1:35 pm by

Consumers that pick up the 3G model of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Vita will receive a free copy of WipEout 2048.

The offer comes as part of Sony’s partnership with Vodafone, which is the exclusive 3G providers for those with a PlayStation Vita in the UK. It will only be available to those who buy the PlayStation Vita 3G at selected retailers and also comes with a £5 top-up.

The handheld will be available at Vodafone stores for £279, and comes bundled with a free 4GB memory card and PAYG SIM card.

Vodafone is even extending its Buyback offer to customers, allowing them to trade in old handsets or gaming handhelds against their Vita 3G in Vodafone stores.

A Wi-Fi only version of PlayStation Vita will also be available for around £229 when the handheld arrives in the UK on February 22nd.