Pokemon Black and White 2 Details Emerge

12 April, 2012 - 10:29 am by

Released in a Japanese Child’s magazine, CoroCoro, comes details of the new Pokemon Black and White 2.

Locations and Visuals will change but the plot will be entirely different, the new game will feature two new playable characters and rivals. It is set two years after the original game.

Based in the Unova region, things have ”changed over the past two years, the area has become much more icy than it had been in the past, and several of the gym leaders have been replaced.”

Black and White 2 will feature a guitar playing poison type specialist and water specialist. New locations will also pop up.

The game will also begin with a new professor, a different city and playable characters, as stated. Team Plasma will not be the main theme of the plot. The plot centres around Kyuren, the Pokémon on the cover but makes attempts to step away from the original title.

The amount of Pokemon in the game have been doubled and more than 5 can be caught.