Resident Evil 4 HD Availble On PSN & XBL

20 September, 2011 - 9:12 pm by

CAPCOM’s series redefining Resident Evil 4 HD has hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live today. The updated version includes improved graphics compared to the GameCube and PS2 versions of the game. It also includes all the extra missions, weapons and upgrades that was added to the PS2 version back in 2004.

Resident Evil 4 sees the return of Leon S. Kennedy investigating the kidnapping of the US presents daughter. Heading to a village in rural Europe, Leon quickly realises things are not exactly how they seem. The game was a completely different change of pace for the series, as the game used an over the shoulder camera view point instead of the original fixed camera views that fans were used to. This camera shift also gave Resident Evil 4 more of an action vibe rather than the traditional horror one.

CAPCOM have released more screenshots and a new video to convince new comers to the series to download the title or perhaps gamers to re-visit the classic title with a next gen facelift. Resident Evil 4 HD is the first of two games in the Resi series to get a HD makeover. Code Veronica X is due to be released next week (27th).

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    Leon in HD ;D Yes please 😛