Shenmue creator hints at buying game rights from SEGA

4 January, 2012 - 7:17 pm by

SEGA is such a legendary videogame publisher and developer that there are literally dozens of titles that have tumbled off of fabric and thread and fallen into the myst. Yet, some are infamous and cited as one of the reasons for the company’s pull from the console making business. Shenmue is this title, yet, even after being a commercial failure, it’s got a lot of fan love. So much so that the creator of the game is considering purchasing the IP from SEGA.

Yu Suzuki has stated that he would like to acquire the rights of this much loved title to create the long hoped for Shenmue III.

“Shenmue’s license is an IP that belongs to Sega… We can obtain the license from Sega.”

He further continued to state:

“This is the person who has trained with Iwao [Hazuki] in the olden days in China,” he added of a picture of a new character. “Then, in the story that will take place after Shenmue II, he will become a ‘key’ character.”

Suzuki has claimed that there are 11 chapters in this saga and only 6 chapters have been covered so far. So if SEGA allow it, there’s a lot of games in the future to play.

Source: MCV UK