Skype now on Vita

25 April, 2012 - 9:22 pm by

Talking, it’s something that the majority of us do all the time. Even now in your head you’re likely to be reading this text and talking to yourself at the same time. This is something that Sony have noticed and are now enabling you to do on their latest handheld console.

The PlayStation Vita will now be able to use the internet telephony application – Skype. Of course, Skype is well known throughout the internet and it being added to the Vita is just the first in a long line of mobile applications, from the ‘Droid through to Windows Mobile.

To use Skype, you’ll need to follow all of the usual protocol. It’s free to download, but will cost to use in data charges if you’re using 3G and for WiFi users, will cost if you’re trying to call a landline. Otherwise, get talking.