Street Fighter X Tekken disappoints

15 May, 2012 - 10:10 pm by

Fighting games are ten a penny these days and few can live up to the enjoyment that Super Smash Bros, an essentially non-fighty, button bashing game, can bring to the table. So it’s little wonder why Capcom are a little disappointed with recent fighting game sales.

More specifically, they are disappointed with Street Fighter X Tekken, which only managed to sell 1.4 million copies since it’s launch in March. So that’s nearly 3 copies per person who lives in Sheffield. Even so, it’s not met Capcom’s expectations and they’re not happy.

Their logic is that there have been too many fighting games released in a short time, which to be fair, is pretty true. With at least 5 console game releases and who knows how many rereleases of games on downloadable shops across all of the platforms.

Or could it simply be that people don’t like button bashing anymore?

Source: Eurogamer