Super Mario Wii U Confirmed

16 April, 2012 - 5:21 pm by

In some what of an anti-shock, Shigeru Miyamoto – or Shiggsy to the masses, has confirmed that there is a Super Mario Wii U version in development for the new console. The game will fully be revealed at E3 but could this be related to the Super Mario 4 domain?

Who knows, we’ll have to wait until June to find out. Miyamoto is currently busy beavering away with Pikmin 3 and finishing Luigi’s Mansion 2, but took the time out to say that Nintendo will be shifting focus on trying to create new types games as he feels that the traditional gaming market is being catered for by markets such as iOS and Android platforms.

Nintendo have a habit of doing this. They scrapped the standard controller with the Wii, reintroduced duel screen gaming with the DS and now seem to mix traditional console gaming with that of the iPad. Time will tell if this pays off.

Look out for more information of Super Mario Wii U, the console itself and Nintendo’s latest direction in the run up to E3. We’ll be covering everything!