Team 17 Release Trailer For Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

26 September, 2011 - 8:42 pm by

Team 17 have been at this game for years. Boggy B and company are back from playing golf and have come all guns blazing for Worms: Ultimate Mayhem. This time, they are bringing more insane, comical and down right hilarious and over the top action are back to stay. Set in a 3D world, full of slaps, cows, aliens and hammers will see those cheeky worms smack talk their way to victory once again.

From what we can see in the trailer is the usual Worms style of cartoon violence and trash talking. It also seems to show that one of the levels or reoccurring themes is Brits Vs Scots as references to days of knights and kings are referenced. This however could quite easily be just two of the teams partaking in the mayhem.

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem will be out on Xbox 360 Live later in the month and on the PSN by the end of 2011.