The iPhone 5 is here

13 September, 2012 - 12:09 pm by

Apple have announced the latest iPhone after nearly a year and a half of teasing us. It’s slimmer, taller, lighter and faster than the 4S. It has things such as 4G that will work in the UK thanks to EE (the resultant name for the T-Mobile and Orange merger). NFC will not feature but gaming will be a big push for the handset…

Thanks to The Verge for the photo

EA took to the stage to announce Real Racing 3, a beautiful looking racer that is verging on unbelievable for a phone to produce the sort of graphics shown. Looking more like a Xbox game than a 3DS or Vita title it is good look at what we can expect to be coming from the ever growing mobile gaming platform.

One thing is for sure, the iPhone 5 will not be cheap. The Unlocked price will be between £550-£699 depending on the size of hard drive you want to go for, starting at 16GB and having a 32GB and 64GB models. Of course mobile networks will offer discounts for the handset price if you take a monthly tariff from them. One thing to note which might also leave a bitter taste is that the charging port has been changed meaning no current generation iPhone, iPod or iPad accessories will fit into it.

If cost is putting you off, then Apple have you covered. The iPod touch has been redesigned to a similar look as the iPhone 5 – without of course the phone functionality. The advantage of the touch is that it has an even better battery life than before.

The iPhone 5, and the latest software – iOS 6 will launch on 21st September. The new iPod touch will launch in October.