The Vita stats are in.

22 December, 2011 - 12:00 am by

The PlayStation Vita – Sony’s second entry into the handheld market launched in Japan last weekend, and the sales figures are in for the opening weekend. 321,000 units were shifted on the first two days of being on the shelves. A colossal amount when compared to the number of units it moved with the PSP (130,000 in the first week). However, not all is smooth sailing for the Vita…

Firstly the launch wasn’t without it’s issues, shortly after users got the PSV home and charged it, they flooded Facebook and Twitter with complaints that the touchscreen was unresponsive and the console kept freezing.

Sony have assured Japanese gamers that this has been resolved with a software fix, however there is one other problem. The Nintendo 3DS. As good as the Vita’s sales were, they were still short of the 3DS’s 371,000 systems sold on it’s opening weekend.

This must come as a blow to Sony as critics around the world slammed the Nintendo 3DS when it launched with such a high price tag, and since this has now been resolved the Nintendo handheld has gathered momentum and started flying out of the stores.

It’s not all bad news for Sony however, when the console lands on our shores in February there will be 33 titles to choose from and hopefully no software bugs to report. It’s early days into the latest battle of the handhelds but with Sony close to Nintendo on launch figures with bigger games to come, can they make up the deficit or will Nintendo claim another handheld victim?