Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD launches

19 July, 2012 - 8:13 pm by

The Tony Hawks Pro Skater High Definition edition has been released on the Xbox 360 Live Marketplace as part of Microsoft’s summer of games and will soon be available for the PlayStation Network and to showcase this, Activision have released a new trailer and 40 images showing off the new look for an old game.

The game retains popular levels from the first two Tony Hawk games as well as half of the soundtrack that defined the games. There have been some changes to the game as well as the graphics overhaul. Achievements and trophies have been included and the secret VHS has been replaced by DVDs and moves added later in the series have been brought into the first game, for example manuals will be used to link tricks together.

Activision may have finished the game but Downloadable content will be coming and will feature levels from the other Pro Skater games that will be available at a later date. But for now you can enjoy Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD on the Xbox Live Marketplace and soon on the PlayStation 3.